Urgent statement Repression at wide scale in Sudan

Urgent statement Repression at wide scale in Sudan

The Arab Coalition for Darfur and the Arab Program for Human Rights Activists are following up with deep concern the increase of violence by the security forces in all parts of Sudan ranging from the use of excessive force to the shooting of peaceful demonstrators.

On Thursday, September 19, 2013 the city of Nyala which is the largest city in South Darfur, has witnessed a violent wave of anger ahead of the death of wealthy man on the town on the hands of militants affiliated to the government. This incident is the seventh murder in one week which led to the protest of hundreds of people who felt the loss of safety and security even inside their homes. Those people came out in peaceful demonstrations around the city to express their demands condemning the chaos and the security instability and the security failure of the police and the army.

Moreover, the police and army forces shot live bullets towards the demonstrators leading to the fall of number of victims, including two women and a child, and 48 wounded in addition to a lot of demonstrators fainted due to the use of tear gas bombs.

This incident coincided with the sudden decision of President Al-Bashir to lift subsidies on some goods resulting in the outbreak of several demonstrations in the city of Medani, the capital of Al-Jazeera district in Sudan. Those demonstrations have been dispersed by the security forces using excessive force after the death of several demonstrators. At the same time, a car belonging to the security forces opened fire on demonstrators in the neighborhood of Marenjan randomly resulting in the fall of number of victims.

On the other side, the Sudanese government is still adopting the policy of zipping mouths by launching a campaign of mass arrests of oppositions violating all international conventions and the recommendations of the United Nations as well.

During the past few days and since the dawn of Sunday, September 22, 2013 the security forces launched a detention campaign against political activists and journalists.

The Arab Coalition for Darfur and the Arab Program for Human Rights Activists emphasize the need to shoulder the government of Al-Bashir the responsibility in protecting the peaceful demonstrators and to grant them the right to practice freedom of opinion and to stop the prosecution of political opponents.

The Arab Coalition for Darfur and the Arab Program for Human Rights Activists condemn the massacre took place in Nyala on the hands of the security forces, who dealt with the unarmed protestors in bloody manner and they demand to held the responsible for this crime accountable and to demand the police and the army to provide safety and security for the people and not to spread terror in the hearts of citizens.