Urgent statement Condemnation of the arrest of journalist Al-Nour Ahmed Al-Nour

Urgent statement Condemnation of the arrest of journalist Al-Nour Ahmed Al-Nour

 Arab Coalition for Sudan (ACS) and the Arab Network for Media Crises (ANMC) condemn the arrest of journalist Al-Nour Ahmed Al-Nour, the correspondent for “Al-Hayat” newspaper in Khartoum and the former editor-in- chief of “Alsahafa” newspaper. Al-Nour was arrested on the background of a news story in which he alleged that the president has issued a decree about merging of electricity companies.

Regardless of the validity of the news or not, the judgment in similar cases is not the competence of the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS), as it is not the affected party by the publication of such news and where it is well known that, the aggrieved should resort to the judiciary system, not to mention that procedure by NISS is a blatant violation to Sudan’s constitution and laws as well as it is a flagrant violation to human rights charters signed by Sudan.

ACS and the ANMC as they condemn these arbitrary actions, by the security apparatus, which constantly target newspapers and journalists, they also call for prompt release of journalist Al-Nour.

NISS sacked journalist Al-Nour from his job as Editor- in- chief of “alsahafa” newspaper, where one of the officers, after his arrest for weeks, removed his name from the letterhead of the newspaper without notifying the publisher in a flagrant assault. NISS then, gave the newspaper two options: either to dismiss journalist Al-Nour; or the newspaper will be closed, so Al-Nour left his job.

Sudan’s current constitution identified NISS tasks in gathering of information and submitting it to the competent authorities.

The ACS and the ANMC call on all honorable journalists and activists to show solidarity to stop violations of the security apparatus and the blatant infringement on public freedoms, freedom of opinion and expression, in all peaceful means of protest, in order to preserve the honor of the profession.

arrest of journalist Al-Nour Ahmed Al-Nour