Urgent statement ACS condemns the arrest of political leaders and human rights activists

Urgent statement ACS condemns the arrest of political leaders and human rights activists

The Arab Coalition for Sudan (ACS) condemns in strong language the arrest of: D.amin Makki Madani, the lawyer and the international expert in human rights fields, who is one of the founders of the ACS, Farouk Abu Issa, the chairman of the oppositional National Consensus Forces (NCF), Farah Agar, who is the head of the peace organization, development and reconstruction goals, and a leader in the national forces for change, as well as his assistant Mohamed Dodo, by the security authorities. The detention took place over their signing of ‘ Sudan call’ document. ACS also expresses its deep concern for the health conditions experienced by those detainees.

ACS condemns and denounces these arbitrary arrests, which are flagrant violation of the Sudanese Constitution of 2005 and charters of human rights, demanding their prompt release without conditions, as well as release of all those detained or imprisoned on political basis.

The dialogue on the country’s issues is not a monopoly to the governing party, it is a right guaranteed to each party, and therefore there is no justification for this campaign of arrests, since the detainees have not committed a crime… Yet, if their meeting with the Sudanese armed movements in Addis Ababa is crime, the governing party sits and holds debates with them as well!

The arrest of those political leaders and human rights activists emphasizes the regime’s lack of seriousness concerning the national dialogue, and raise suspects over President Omar al-Bashir call for public freedoms, which was launched last January, in terms of availing of conducive environment for political dialogue and in order to search for solutions for the current crises afflicting the whole country. These developments violate the peace and Security Council of the African Union resolution No. 456 which calls for comprehensive solution, meanwhile the African Union had expanded the mandate of President Thabo Mbeki, the South African mediator, to include negotiations between the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/ north (SPLM/ North) and Government of Sudan (GoS), in addition to Darfur negotiations, and then to monitor the comprehensive dialogue and the inclusive national dialogue conference with the participation of civil, political and armed forces.

ACS calls on all public and civil society organizations, particularly human rights organizations, and all those concerned, to defend public freedoms, political forces and journalists by joining the ACS campaign to put more pressure on GoS for the release of all those detained or imprisoned for  political reasons.

ACS condemns the arrest of political leaders and human rights activists