Press release on the confiscation of the Sudanese authorities to the newspaper "newspaper"

Press release on the confiscation of the Sudanese authorities to the newspaper “newspaper”

The Arab Network for Crisis Information condemns the confiscation of the Sudanese authorities Saturday, October 14, 2017 from the newspaper “Al-Jarida” after printing it from the printing press because of the publication of an opinion article by the writer Al-Fatih Jabra in the previous issue of confiscation, which was followed by the authorities to drain the resources of the newspapers and bankruptcy. The Arab Network for Crisis Information rejects this behavior by the Sudanese authorities represented by the National Security and Intelligence Service. The opinion is free and must be prosecuted only if a party is harmed by the press. It has to resort to justice courts. It is an attempt to impose self-censorship by the newspaper itself, which puts it in front of challenges that are difficult to overcome, by reducing the space of opinion or dispense with a book whose articles can cause the newspaper to be punished administratively, This makes it a precondition for publication to avoid some of the issues that can cause administrative sanctions. Its interests are confined to issues of integrity, which weaken its professional position and lose its credibility to the reader. In contrast, it has been issued as an edited version of the security and intelligence apparatus. Is the plan set by the security service and strives to implement them if not containment and woo some journalists, writers Fbslah repression and confiscation, and to bring the newspapers to muzzle journalists, which failed in front of the defenders of the profession and press freedoms. The security authorities have constantly targeted Al-Jarida newspaper and imposed restrictions on it that prevented a specific book from writing. This represents a violation of the freedom of opinion, expression and press publication. And violates the Sudanese constitution for the year 2005 and international conventions. This time we are going to press editors to stand for once against the blatant interference of the security and intelligence services in the newspapers and to clarify their position on press freedoms either with or against understanding the first victims of the ongoing confiscation process. Sudan has been following the list of the worst countries on the level of press freedoms due to the repression practiced by the Sudanese authorities by restricting newspapers and journalists by confiscating and preventing the opinion writers from writing, prosecuting journalists and writers, calling them, threatening them, intimidating them and influencing their professional positions.


Arab Network for Crisis Information

October 2017