Important statement after  amendment Arab Media Crisis Network condemns the restriction  of Sudanese journalists from entering parliament

Important statement after amendment Arab Media Crisis Network condemns the restriction of Sudanese journalists from entering parliament

The freedom of opinion and expression in the Sudan is facing a terrible deterioration , which is considered as the worst  in the Arab world, a normal result  of the vicious attack and the organized campaign followed by the Sudanese authorities  targeting newspapers and journalists,  beyound the limits of the Sudanese law and constitution, and the comittements of the Government of Sudan to human rights standards and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights it endoresed and ratified it.

The Arab Media Crisis Network condemns and deplores the serious violations suffered by newspapers and journalists, which reflect their excessive weight to continue the assault on press freedoms represented in:

(First) : The continuation of the sequential confiscation of newspapers after printing or trying to hold them for hours and then release them after leaving the distribution vehicles, wanted to cause financial damage to the newspapers and force them to close and dealy their issuance in a deliberate and clear strategy of the  security through which to merge some newspapers and get rid of newspapers that are not loyal or not belong their party  .

With the opening of August / 2018, the Sudanese authorities on Wednesday confiscated Altiyar  newspapers of and Akhir Lahza Newspaper after printing as usual without reasons or justifications, and the reasons for the confiscation are often retroactive punishment of subjects published.

The month of July is the worst during this year for “Aljerida newspaper  “, which was subjected to confiscation almost daily (8) times during the month, orgainzed targets by the security authorities, and over the past few days they requested  the editorial department of  “Aljerida newspaper” not to go to the printing press until The arrival of security executives refers to the return of  “before time publication”.”Akhir Lahza newspaper was  also confiscated on Monday, July 30, 2018, and before it was confiscated for a full week from Sunday 22 to Thursday 27/7/2018 in addition to Sunday, 8/7/2018. And the “Altahabah” on Tuesday 24/7/2018, the newspaper “Almasdar newspapers” Sunday 22/7/2018, the cry on Saturday 21/7/2018, “Alkier Lahza newspaper” Sunday 8/7/2018,

Second: The media department of the National Assembly banned the journalists in local and international newspapers and correspondents of news agencies and network channels from entering the parliament and performing their professional duties on Thursday, 26/7/2018, in response to the position of local newspaper editors. / 2018 in protest against the prevention of their colleague from the newspaper “Alintibaha newzpaper” Hiba Obaid from entering the parliament, against the the publication of a news which made the Chairman of Parliament angry.

This issue clearly reflects that the parliament is no less than the security apparatus and the executive apparatus, all of which act as unified orgainzed bodies  in violating the constitution and attacking press freedoms, freedom of opinion and expression, and even the right to assembly and protest. The parliament, which is supposed to monitor the performance of the executive apparatus, proves that it does not exercise transparency. And does not want to publish to the public.

Third: The editor of the newspaper “Akhbar Al-Watan” weekly, the mouthpiece of the Sudanese Congress Party, was subjected to an investigation into the offices of the security apparatus for writing an article criticizing the recent visit of the President and his “family” to Russia in in the time with the “World Cup” To stop any attempts to publish articles criticizing the President of the Republic as a “red line”, and asked them to stop publishing any articles belonging to the writer Salma Tijani.

The Arab Media Crisis Network issued reports that journalist Ahmed Yunus, the reporter of the Middle East newspaper, is still stopped from writing by order from the security .

(Fourth) : The security authorities summoned journalist Abdul Raouf Taha in the newspaper Al-Nabahah to investigate him and press him to reveal his sources of information, to publish a news story about corruption, which is illegal and immoral behavior. The journalist is protected by the constitution and has the right not to disclose his sources even before the judiciary.

About the ongoing violations from the Sudanese authorities :The Arab Media Crisis Network  is expressing its concern and worry  over the future of press freedom, freedom of opinion and expression, and repeated attempts in various forms to restrict newspapers and journalists, whether by legislation and laws that it has prepared and approved, such as the law of information crimes and the press law, The newspapers must be censored before publication and after the confiscation and drying of the newspaper from the declaration, and the suppression of journalists by preventing them from the press coverage as happened in Parliament in addition to the ban on publication in certain cases, Writing.

The aim of all these violations is to terrorize journalists, intimidate them and muzzle the mouths to divert attention from what is happening in the institutions of the state of excesses and cases of corruption filled media and social networking sites in light of the economic and security situation. All attempts by the security apparatus to completely block the media by means of the spread of networks Social communication and e-publishing become widely known and widely traded.

The Arab Media Crisis Network recalls all

journalists, lawyers, human rights defenders and those interested in all institutions to stand in the front line of defense in order to protect press freedoms and freedom of opinion and expression. The campaign is also called “assistance or Munasarah” using all means to pressure the security authorities to stop their violations against newspapers. Journalists, anti-legal press and publications for the year 2018 and information crimes that restricts freedom of expression.


Arab Media Crisis Network


August / 2018

The Arab Network for Crises Information condemns the restriction of Sudanese journalists from entering parliament August 2018