The Arab Media Network for Crisis The Charter of Honor will not stop journalists' violations of the press

The Arab Media Network for Crisis The Charter of Honor will not stop journalists’ violations of the press

The editors of the Sudanese press and the General Federation of Sudanese Journalists signed the Charter of Honor on Thursday, November 1, 2018 at the Parliament House, in the presence of its President Professor Ibrahim Ahmed Omar and Prime Minister Moataz Moussa next to the Chief Justice, the Attorney General and the Director General of the National Security and Intelligence Service.

The step came against the background of the editors’ complaints of the repeated confiscation of newspapers from the printing press after printing, by a decision of the security apparatus without giving any reasons or justifications for what they financially exhausted and damaged their reputation professionally.

The security apparatus asked the editors to sign a charter of honor in exchange for stopping the confiscation, In a previous meeting with the parliament’s editors, the media official confirmed that the confiscation is not governed by criteria and may be subject to the mood of the officer in charge.

The Arab Media Network for Crisis declares its categorical rejection of this charter, which has no value in light of the excesses of the security apparatus and its assault on press freedoms and its confiscation of newspapers after publication, and the prosecution of journalists and intimidation and abuse them, to silence their mouths and prevent them from practicing their professional duty, and does not bear new The same scenario repeated in 2009 The editors complained of the pre-censorship of the newspapers before the press.

The security apparatus agreed to lift censorship in return for signing a press code of honor, which gave censorship to the editors, and then disavowed it by inventing the confiscation after printing. Ratti provides a margin of freedom before the current security grip.

The Charter does not reflect the press rule, it restricts the press and journalists, validates the practices of the security apparatus, and gives it the right to intervene in the press. It is a member of a mini committee consisting of representatives of the press editors, journalists’ union and the Press and Publications Council. And the control of the newspapers so as not to exceed the red lines “not to prejudice national security,” which means that the editors will exercise the functions of the security apparatus control and confiscation of newspapers that do not abide by the Charter.

“We do not have tribal control but there will be censorship” of the newspapers after printing. We give the committee the opportunity to observe the Charter of Honor. We wait to see the competent committee monitor, monitor, alert and press the newspapers, punish and apply the spirit and texts of the charter. We will stand by our shoulders

The warnings of the director of the security apparatus have made the Charter a mere ink on paper and put before the committee that has not yet formed difficulties in carrying out its duties with these messages. The security apparatus does not abide by the covenants and the charters. It is the one that has violated the constitution, violated and continues to violate the international conventions and agreements that have been signed and ratified Sudan and committed to implement them,

Recently, the attacks of the security apparatus on newspapers and journalists have increased in recent times as monitored by the Arab Media Network for Crisis, as follows:

  • Issued by the security forces printed copies of the newspaper sources on the day of 18 October 2018, Al-Jarida newspaper on Tuesday, October 23, 2018, and Al-Watan newspaper on October 30, 2018 after printing without giving any reasons as usual.
  • Such as the editor of the newspaper Al-Jarida Ashraf Abdul Aziz and the editor-in-chief of the current Osman Mirghani, along with the female journalists Maha Al-Talb and Shamael Al-Nour from the current, and Lina Yaqoub Al-Sudani, before the State Security Prosecution on Tuesday 23/10/2018. Of the Ambassadors of the European Union, discussed the situation of freedoms in the country, although the Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the ambassador and informed him of her protest. However, the security apparatus took punitive measures to summon journalists and investigate them and confiscate the newspapers of aljareyda and the Altaiyar after publication. The journalist Khaled Abdul Aziz, a reporter for Reuters in Khartoum, journalist Shawqi Abdul Azim Sudaniyeh (24) and journalist Bahram Abdel-Moneim were subjected to interrogation by the security prosecution on the following day, in a step that reflects the systematic targeting of journalists by the security forces. State in the same case.
  • The Red Sea State Police detained journalist Osman Hashim in Port Sudan on Thursday 18/10/2018, accused by the state police director of publishing articles through social networking sites “Facebook” and was released with the guarantee to appear before the prosecution of the crime of information crimes in Khartoum, The Arab Media Network for Crisis  regrets the use of the law against cybercrime to limit freedom of expression.
  • On June 29, 2018, the former editor-in-chief of the independent newspaper Dr. Zine El Abidine Al-A’jab and the former newspaper journalist Ridha Ba’o, condemned the publication of a journalist in which the security services were issued, and ordered them to pay a fine of (5) The Arab Media Network for Crisis  condemns the trial of journalists with articles of the Criminal Code and condemns the decision of the court which did not enable them to defend themselves. The court was unable to summon the director of the security apparatus to appear before it and to testify according to the defense request, That his manager rejects the Subject to the decision of the court and believes that his authority over the judiciary.

All these violations aim to silence the mouths of journalists and prevent them from exercising their professional duty to impose more restrictions on them. The Arab Media Network for Crisis renews its calls for journalists, human rights activists and those concerned to defend the freedom of opinion and expression from the attacks of the security apparatus.


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November 2018

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