About us

Why Arab Coalition for Sudan?

The Arab Coalition for Darfur was founded in 2008; it includes 130 civil society member organizations from 19 Arab States. The founding has come as a direct response to break formal and informal Arabian silence about Darfur, in order to contribute effectively to change the tragic situation in Sudan and provide an example for the role of civil society in defense of rights of individuals and groups, especially, women and children.

In January 2014 the name was changed to become the Arab Coalition for Sudan, in response to developments that have been occurring in Sudan during the past five years and even now, although the Comprehensive Peace Agreement signed between the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement and the Sudan government in July 2005, had halted the war between North and South, but that agreement did not bring peace on earth to the two states of Sudan, and still the two countries sign more agreements and protocols without genuine implementation. Thus, Sudan lives in a continuous state of wars without any signs on the horizon to put an end to those wars under the method of partial solutions approach.

Key developments that have led to the expansion of the coalition’s vision and mission:

Extension of the armed conflict in Darfur to the areas of South Kordofan and Blue Nile which has resulted in large number of deaths, impeding of humanitarian aid access to victims, aerial bombardment of civilians, the aggravation of living and economic situation in the whole country, allocation of 70% of the budget for the security, diminishing of the financial resources from oil due to the secession of south Sudan, postponement of agricultural production in areas of armed conflict, the use of live ammunition to suppress peaceful demonstrations resulted in killing of hundreds. Also, the arbitrary actions in suppression of freedoms and imposing of further restrictions on freedom of opinion and expression as well as the transfer of the Janjaweed Militia forces to Khartoum, the capital of the country, in order to protect the regime, where it had a prominent role in killing of hundreds of unarmed civilians during September 2012 demonstrations; especially, in Khartoum. That has increased the country’s imminent dangers, aggravated the civilians’ sufferings and led to a process of displacement, migration and asylum; which Sudan has never witnessed throughout its history.

ACS Vision

Towards comprehensive peace, based on freedom, development and justice in Sudan


The Arab Coalition for Sudan endeavors to create positive change in the lives of groups affected by armed conflicts; via reinforcement of the role of civil society in upholding justice, democracy, human rights, peacemaking, defending the rights of the victims as well as to encourage comprehensive peaceful solution to the internal conflicts.


1. Promoting efforts of civil society in their endeavors to reach a comprehensive solution that can achieve peace, freedom, development and justice for the Sudanese communities

2. Activating the role of Arab and Sudanese media outlets in building conscious and pro-comprehensive solution that influence decision makers

3. Activating the role of the international and regional communities and concerned organizations in bringing up comprehensive solution to the Sudan

4. Ensure and protect the rights of victims of armed conflicts and their access to unconditional or restricted humanitarian aid

5. Development of the institutional capacities of the ACS to enable objectives achievement and message conveyance